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Because your hair deserves award-winning hair styling tools


Welcome to NuMe! We’re here to be your go-to resource for premium styling tools, hair curling wands, professional hair straighteners and salon-quality products to banish bad hair days forever!

As an international leader in hair care, we’re thrilled to provide tools, tips and anything else you need to unleash your hair’s potential.

We’ve staked our reputation on using only the most innovative materials, making the world’s best hair care and styling technology available to everyone. Best yet, our products are designed to cover a range of textures and lengths, whether your hair is thick and curly, fine and straight, long, short, or color treated. We understand that no two heads of hair are completely alike, which is why we’ve developed a selection of products to ideally suit your unique look.

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Hair transformation using the
25mm Cone from the Octowand Set

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