Welcome To Nume

We’re thrilled you’ve found us. Here at NuMe, we believe great hair starts with great styling tools.
That’s why we create easy-to-use, technology-driven hair styling tools that focus on hair health and lasting results.



Born in Schwetzingen, a small German town reminiscent of fairy tales, Sabrina Maren grew up to make her own dreams come true and those of women all around the world.

Sabrina Maren was once all too familiar with hair struggles. Free-spirited by nature, she explored new opportunities--from photography in Texas to the film industry in Florida--but travel was never kind to her hair.

She settled in Miami, but battling her thick, unruly mane in the tropics took hours. For Sabrina, whose blend of business savvy and creative energy continuously spurred her to take on ambitious challenges, spending hours on her hair wasn’t an option. She constantly thought to herself:

“There has to be a better way. Everyday hairstyling should be easy.”

Sabrina decided to research solutions for herself to find the most high-caliber products available. She discovered an industry that fascinated her and launched her first business venture in 2004, marketing and developing products for a prominent European hair styling tool company.

“For anyone who is thinking about starting their own brand or business, don't hold back. Your dreams are and should be bigger than you and it is possible. You just have to start. I'm taking this award in honor of all the women out there that have ambitions because creating a real, successful brand starts with you.” - Sabrina Maren, Hollywood Beauty Awards 2017

Within four years she had become the CEO of the U.S. division, opening an office in Los Angeles and continuing to build her extensive knowledge in flat iron, curling wand and blow dryer technologies. By 2009 she knew the time had come to launch her own brand, and NuMe was born.

“People don’t realize the power of their hair until they experience it.”

Sabrina has been on the forefront of heat styling advancements for over a decade and chose the name Nume because, "When the tools were created and I was testing the technology on my unruly hair, the results and transformation continued to make me feel like a 'New Me.' So, when it came down to naming the brand, it was the first thing that came to mind and made sense." Continuously innovating better methods of designing hair tools, NuMe has expanded its lines to include more than 200 styling products ranging from curling wands and straighteners to blow dryers and accessories. NuMe is shipped all over the world and remains the brand of choice among beauty professionals, influencers and women who desire salon results in the convenience of their own homes. 

Once upon a time, women depended on professional stylists to achieve sleek looks and lustrous curls. Heat styling at home took double the time and caused triple the damage. Now women everywhere can create their own hairstyling happily-ever-afters with NuMe.



Gizmo’s a modest little guy with dreams as big as the Missouri River that flows through the state he was born in. Maybe that’s why becoming the heart and soul of a corporate brand was a perfect fit for this pint-sized pup.

From the time he left the litter, it was clear Gizmo held a wisdom beyond his years. Rumored to be “The Dog with a Thousand Souls,” he has an unparalleled ability to keep calm under pressure, which is a key skill in the constantly evolving hair styling industry. Gizmo’s patience rivals that of even the most zen-like monks. He creates the perfect balance for Team NuMe.

Meeting Sabrina, Gizmo could tell she was a woman with strength and ambition. “I chose Sabrina as my companion because of her business savvy, and because I could tell her cuddles would be plentiful.”

Unlike other dogs, Gizmo has flowing locks of hair instead of fur, which means grooming is an important part of his lifestyle. “Partnering with Sabrina and joining Team NuMe was the best decision of my life. My hair has never looked more incredible, and my kibble has never been more delicious.”

Gizmo Q & A

What’s your favorite color?

“Blue. There are so many shades that evoke emotion. Sometimes I wish I had blue eyes."

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

“Invisibility, if you’re making me choose only one, but flying is a close second.”

What is one of your guilty pleasures?

“Having a Sunday all to myself. I lead such a busy lifestyle that me-time is at a premium.”

Do you have any hobbies?

“Skateboarding. It relaxes me.”

Are there any charitable causes that are near to your heart?

“Yes, because not every pup has been afforded the same opportunities as me. Don’t forget to contact your local Humane Society and see how you can help animals in need.”