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Back from the Dead: Our Favorite Hallo-Qween Hair Tutorials

Unleash Your Inner Hallo-Qween

It’s crunch time and you’ve been invited to that last-minute Halloween party at your best friend’s, cousin’s, sister’s, friend’s house. What to do? You’re not sure what you’re going to be since you didn’t buy anything, but you have tons of DIY ideas flooding in. Once you’ve found your look, it’s time to figure out your hairstyle which is when you pop into Youtube and browse the NuMe Halloween how-tos. At NuMe, we love this time of year because that means creative looks and lots of questions from all of our beloved NuMe gals. We love sharing new ways of using your curling wands, hair straighteners, and accessories to make your holidays exciting. So here are some of the top NuMe how-to style videos we’ve shared over the last year. We’ve also posted a few Halloween Style Pick’s over the last couple of weeks to sink your teeth into.

Narnia’s White Witch Look by Queenbri

When you want to freeze them, your go-to costume is the Ice Queen look which is gorgeous on blondes. Queens are known for their luscious, voluminous curls since that’s where all the secrets hide. This video tutorial shows you how to get crafty with glitter glue, white mascara, and the 32mm curling barrel in your 3-in-1 NuMe Titan 3 set. For full curls, brush them out after they’ve set and tease till your heart’s content.

Spider Queen Look by Jordan Hanz

There’s no need to be venomous when you have locks like these. Paired with her airbrushed, spider web neck piece, and purple-gray tresses, Jordan Hanz shows you how to get the fluffiest curls to last all night using the 19mm barrel in her 3-in-1 NuMe Titan 3 set. To start, section your hair and begin curling small pieces away from your face which helps give you that windblown look. Massage and hold each curl to set your hair against all types of weather; Jordan uses her NuMe titanium curling wand in humid weather and these curls hold for her every time. After all your curls are set, tease each curl with a styling comb starting under each curl for a full effect but smooth top section.

Queen Bee by Madeyewlook

For those of you watching American Horror Story, you’ll know all about the holes phobia -- Trypophobia. So if you have that, you may have a hard time getting through this tutorial but we love it. Using your 25mm barrel in the NuMe Lustrum set, which is perfect for fine hair, section the hair and curl away. Bees are always buzzing around and making honey, so go on and bee your bad self this Halloween.

Aurora and Ariel Looks by Kayley Melissa

Who doesn’t love bouncy curls for looks that do well under the sea and up here on land? This Disney-inspired set of hairstyles can transition if you’re looking to change up your look from your work party to a midnight soiree with small modifications. Using your 3-in-1 NuMe Titan 3 and the 25mm barrel, give your long hair a good flip and pin once each section is complete. The key here is the bangs and how you set them. Make sure to part your hair accordingly and have a firm hold finishing spray to get the look just right.

Tim Burton’s Queen of Hearts Look by Madeyewlook

Previously, we showed you her Queen Bee hair tutorial using the 25mm curling barrel, but this look requires a tighter curl so switch your barrel to the 13mm on your NuMe Titan 3 for this gorgeous Tim Burton character cosplay. You can use a styling comb to help you tease your curls, but a paddle brush works great on longer hair. This look works best with a lot of teasing on the topmost layer that dimension to your look and complement the headpiece.

Victoria’s Secret Snow Angel Look by dope2111

We know so many of you want to know what the best way to use your NuMe Classic Curling Wand Pearl and this is the perfect video to show you. To get big, bombshell curls that reveal a glimpse of your softer side, this bubble barrel adds definition and body to this Victoria’s Secret Snow Angel look. Part your hair down the middle and section before you begin, curl one-inch pieces for even, full curls. Add your favorite hairpiece and a pair of incandescent wings to complete the look.

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