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Halloween Style Pick: 1940s/50s Pinup Hairstyle

Kayley Melissa shows off her pinup-inspired hair tutorial using the NuMe Octowand. 

Rockabilly, Pinup Hairstyle With Victory Rolls

When you’re feeling a little vintage inside, you want your hair to match on the outside. There are so many girls out there that love this pinup look but have no idea how to achieve its intricate style with all the flips, curls, waves and pins it takes to get it. Whether or not you’re a high-fashion pro or a beginner mane enthusiast, this pinup hairstyle is a lot simpler than it looks on the surface. Our favorite thing about this look isn’t just the final result but the history behind it, which may encourage you to read a bit. Unlike many of the hairstyles, you’ll find online this season, the pinup style complete with victory rolls is one with a past that speaks volumes.

It all started back during World War II when all the men went off to fight for the United States. Our women took on a completely new role for the first time in history as the breadwinners and creators of everything we needed to continue our efforts overseas. Women no longer had time to spend on their hair, and since they were working in highly dangerous environments, they mostly had to figure out a way to style their hair for functionality; vanity took a backseat, but the look was still a win-win. Victory rolls can be done on day old hair so that this look could be achieved without stress after a long night at the factory. The name, however, came from the spinning motion of fighter planes at the time, called the Victory Roll. Till this day, victory rolls and the 1940s/50s pinup look pop up on the streets, the runway and in modern media.

How-To: 1940s/50s Retro Glam Style

Now it’s time to get into your hair time machine (*Big Bang Theory time machine scene*) and step into another woman’s shoes with this 1940s/50s hairstyle. Earlier we mentioned that you could achieve this look with day-old hair, but most stylists agree that clean hair works best for a frizz-free finish. Here are the steps to get the look using the 19mm curling barrel from the 8-in-1 NuMe Octowand set!

Step One: The Side Part

Part your hair on the side that suits you best. Then divide again about three inches back starting at the end of the first part, taking it down to your ear. Pin remaining hair back.

Step Two: Curl Time

Start at the front, curling one-inch sections of the hair and pinning these curls into place to cool. Now curl the bottom layers of your hair and work your way up, pinning and setting each curl. Wait for your curls to cool off completely.

Step Three: Brush & Shine

Leaving the top curls pinned, remove the pins from all other curls and begin gently brushing them out with a boar bristle brush. Spray your curls with NuMe Hottie Alert Shine Spray to reduce post-brush frizz.

Step Four: Victory Rolls

Release curls, brushing these out in the same fashion and tease for volume. Taking the deeper side part, roll the hair away from your face and turn the roll so that the center faces slightly forward. Pin the roll in place. Repeat with the other side.

The finished look is so much fun! Try this pinup look at your next Halloween shindig and tag us in your hairfies on IG @NuMeStyle. Or visit us on for more style picks all year long.

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