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Halloween Style Pick: The Iconic 1920s Finger Wave Updo

The Hairstyle for Costumes Inspired by the Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey

When all of your girlfriends are out looking for the hottest costume and are busy buying wigs and weaves, you’re on the hunt for something a little more “you.” Vintage 'dos are considered classics so not only can you recreate them with your own hair, you can even sport these looks year round! Everyone will want to know your styling secrets and we don’t blame them. It’s no surprise that we obsess over these styles, made popular today by cult-favorite flicks like the Great Gatsby and the hit show Downton Abbey. That means there are plenty of ways for you to get this Gatsby style regardless of your hair type, texture and thickness.

The beautiful thing about hair looks from the 1920s is that while they were gorgeous and progressive for the time, there weren’t a lot of options when it came to styling. So how did these ladies get this iconic finger wave look that became so popular at this time when the curling wand wasn’t a thing yet? WE REALLY WANT TO KNOW! Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect versatile curling wand set to help you achieve these looks, taking your look decades back (no time travel needed!). For this style, you’ll need the 13mm curling wand barrel from the NuMe Octowand set.

The before and after 1920 finger wave look featured in the NuMe Halloween Style Pick.

How-To: 1920s Finger Wave Updo

The 13mm curling wand barrel is the most popular sizes commonly used to create finger wave hairstyles. When you’re trying to model the iconic hairstyles of the Roaring 20s, you want the tightest curls that will hold a defined, natural-looking wave before you set the hair. At NuMe, we’ve included this size in our Octowand set so you can build your look repertoire and win a few party prizes this Halloween. Lots of women think that this look is only possible for bob cuts, but that’s not the case in this hair tutorial. This how-to video by Kayley Melissa, shows you all the steps you need to achieve this 1920s look for mid-length hair.

Influencer preparing her hair in step one of this 1920s look by sectioning her hair.

Step One: Section the Hair

Separate top and bottom sections of the hair. Pin the top half up, then create two pigtails from remaining section.

Curling your hair using the 13mm curling wand in the NuMe Octowand set, starting at the top section of the hair.

Step Two: Curl

Curl each ponytail and leave them for the last step. Let the top section of the hair down. Using the 13mm barrel from the NuMe Octowand set, start at the top of the head. Take a small, finger-width piece and wrap the hair around the wand, curling away from your face.

Pinning curls in place to set and cool using the NuMe 13mm curling wand in the Octowand set.

Step Three: Set, Cool & Repeat

Pin each curl in place to cool. Continue curling and pinning from front to back and on both sides of the head. Alternate your curls away from or toward the face on each side.

Releasing the curls and setting your finger waves.

Step Four: Comb & Clip

Begin carefully brushing out your hair with a paddle brush and find the natural wave. Pin each wave with flat pins. Continue this step until you have two full layers of finger waves.

Pinning the hair back into a bun to complete the 1920s finger wave hairstyle made popular by the Great Gatsby.

Step Five: Knot & Done

Take the ponytails and tie each into a knot, pinning each knot into place. Remove all flat pins from your hair carefully. Spritz with NuMe Freeze Please Finishing Spray and NuMe Hottie Alert Shine Spray to set this look.

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