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Halloween Style Pick: Village Belle Look

@JackieWeyers shows us her dreamy, Emma Watson inspired Belle look.

A Belle Look for Every Mood, Inspired by Emma Watson

Who doesn’t want to be a princess? And what better time of the year to do it with grace than Halloween. With the recent release of Disney’s live-action version of Beauty and the Beast featuring Emma Watson, the delicate French beauty of the character comes to life in real colors and textures you can mirror at home. If you grew up watching this film - like every girl on the planet - you’d recognize your fave character best, cozying up to a good book with a lock of hair falling in her naturally beautiful face. Of course, she’s beautiful, her name is Belle, and Emma Watson captures her essence so well in real life and on set (we kinda think that she’s a real-life princess). You don’t have to fall in love with a beast to perfect this hairstyle, you can channel your inner Belle with this amazing hair tutorial by Jackie Weyers.

How-To: Emma Watson, Belle-Inspired Hairstyle

Stepping into the outfit, brushing on the blush and twisting your hair to match, people walking around you in the streets will start to sing, Little town/It's a quiet village/Every day/Like the one before.The beauty of dressing as Belle on Halloween is that she has a few hairstyles to choose from that are easily transitioned from one to the next. We’ll share one look for Belle using the NuMe Titan 3  here in this tutorial starting with the half-up-half-down ‘do. However, you can change it up as you party hop into the quintessential butterfly twist pony with iconic blue ribbon, then into a delicately curled updo.

Section the hair in this Belle hairstyle.

Step One: The Part

Part your hair slightly off center, two inches back from your hairline and section the hair off at the part. These two front sections will become your signature Belle twists.

Step Two: Add Volume

To add texture and volume to the back section of the hair, spray on NuMe Root Werk and tease. Brush the hair back and secure with an elastic.

Curl the hair to frame the face in this Halloween Belle hairstyle.

Step Three: Texture

Tease the front two sections and with the NuMe Titan 3, curl the hair away from your face.

Begin twisting the hair after you curl in this Belle-inspired, Halloween hair tutorial.

Step Four: The Twist

Twist each section and pin into place to frame your crown. Combine twists at the back with an elastic.

Twist, flip and curl for this Belle hairstyle on Halloween.

Step Five: Flip, Pin, and Curl

Take your ponytail and create an opening above the elastic. Then flip your ponytail under and pull it through to create a twist. Curl remaining hair and tie it all up with a blue bow, and you're ready to go!

We hope you love this look as much as Cogsworth and Lumiere! For more style picks and hair tutorials, follow us on IG @NuMeStyle or visit our website at

Get this Belle look using the NuMe Titan 3
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