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How-To: Beach Waves With the NuMe 25mm Technique Curling Wand

Beach waves are all the rage this summer, we’ve all seen this hairstyle on style icons like Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell, and Blake Lively. But you don’t need to be a Hollywood celebrity to get this look, there are a few different heat styling tools you can use to get achieve it! Regardless of your hair type, this look will look good on you! In previous blogs, we've shown you how to get various looks like Dragon Queen inspired crimped waves, fuss-free waves for lazy Sundays, and how to get a more polished vintage look to rival pinups.

For this week's style pick, we're featuring an Instagram how-to video using the NuMe 25mm Technique Curling Wand by @braids_in_action! If you love the color mint green as much as we do then you definitely need this curling wand in your life. This wavy ‘do will totally give you a reason to whip your hair back and forth.

5 Steps to Get Beach Waves

1. Tie it up. Pull hair into a high ponytail or in two like @braids_in_action. Don't forget to put on your NuMe heat-resistant glove to make sure you don't burn your hands using the clipless curling wand.

2. Curl away by taking a one- to two-inch section of hair and wrapping each around the curling wand barrel.  Hold hair until curl is set. Taking sections larger than this size will only make the curl bigger so make sure each section is the same size for a uniform look.

3. Hold each curl in your hand and let it cool for three to five seconds.

4. Release and repeat. Release each section to see defined curls. Repeat each of these steps listed above, one through three, to style each section of the hair.

  1. Apply the finishing touches to your look. Now that your curls are all nice and bouncy set the style with NuMe Freeze Please Finishing Spray to make your masterpiece last all day.


To see the video by @braids_in_action click here.

Smooth Move

Priming your hair before you begin any style is essential to get results that resemble those listed here. We stand by our advice to use a blow dry cream to smooth hair during the drying process. Also, as you dry your hair, make sure to go the extra mile and use an ionic hair dryer to help combat frizz. These priming tips can help you get effortless waves that don’t look too stiff or messy

While this tutorial works with long hair, you can get the same curl with short hair. Mermaids are no longer mythical creatures thanks to this trend! For more styling tips and how-to videos, by following us on Instagram @NuMeStyle!

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