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Pamper your hair with non-damaging blowouts. Blow dryers that won’t damage hair are a hair care essential. NuMe uses high-quality ceramic grills in all of our hair dryers so you can enjoy heat styling that won’t cause hair damage. Drying hair without breakage or split ends means your hair can get all the volume you love from a great blowout every time.

Every NuMe hair dryer has a ceramic grill for frizz-free results. Negative ion conditioning technology delivers ultimate shine, and far infrared rays heats hair at the cortex without damage. All of our full-size ionic dryers have two speed settings and three temperature settings for greater control, as well as a cold shot button to smooth and lock in styles.

Select your ideal blow dryer and see the difference it makes when you use top-rated styling tools. The best blow dryers for healthy hair have negative ion technology and infrared heat, which is why every NuMe hair dryer incorporates these latest hair care advancements. No matter which blow dryer you choose, you’ll get beautiful blowouts for healthy hair.